Careview Communications

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Patient Safety Solutions

The CareView Patient Monitoring System can keep your patients safe and your risk low.                                                                                                               

The system uses an infrared camera in patient rooms to deliver real-time visual monitoring around the clock.

With the CareView System, the patient’s room becomes a safer place. Our unique monitoring capabilities enable you to take safety standards to a new level by giving your nurses and sitters the ability to see potential problems before they happen.
The CareView System provides the most effective fall management solutions, rounding and ulcer management reminders, customizable fall risk assessment, and reporting capabilities.

Patient privacy is always a concern when using cameras in a clinical setting. The CareView System is HIPAA-compliant and secure. It does not record anything and can include consent processes and privacy options.

Here are just a few of the ways the CareView System keeps your patients safe:                


Fall Prevention: Virtual Bed Rails

Using patented motion detection software, the CareView System gives you advance notice and time to respond. Using only the camera in the room, the Virtual Bed Rails® motion detection software creates invisible, motion-sensitive borders in and around the beds of at-risk patients. If the borders are crossed, the nurse is alerted immediately. 

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Sitter Management Program

The CareView System allows for close observation of high-risk patients from multiple locations in order to reduce sitter costs and manage staffing resources more efficiently.

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Mobile Patient Monitoring

Patient care and fall prevention are extended to the nurse’s handheld allowing them to quickly receive and triage fall alarms. Instead of physically entering the patient’s room to determine the fall risk, the nurse can immediately qualify the alarm and respond accordingly.

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